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FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions )

faqHow to Register As a Vendor or Buyer?
How to Register As a Vendor or Buyer?

Step -1 Hit the link of ""
Step -2 Click on Sign-up/Login Button
Step -3 Click on for vendor "As a Vendor" and for buyer "As a Buyer"
Step -4 Fill the All fields and tap on "Sign-up" Button.
Step -5 You will get the Credential of your "Email Address"

faqHow to create New Query and Get Quote?
How to create New Query and Get Quote?

Step -1 Login
Step -2 Tap on the button of Query
Step -3 Tap on the "Create New Query” button
Step -4 Fill the All details create the tour listing (Guest Name/Group Name, Number of PAX, Vehicle, Click Day number and select the day, Date, City, Program Type(Arrival, Departure, Local, Intercity) Program(Air To Hotel Transfer, Hotel To Airport Transport, Railway station to Hotel Transfer, Hotel to Railway station transfer) After that tap on the + button and similarly create the itinerary.
Step -5 Tap on "Get Quote” Button and land on the Query detail Page
Step -6 Quote is shown on there and for request Tap on the "Send Request” button.

How it Works?

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